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iron ore spiral classifier suppliers cgm crushing

type, to improve 30... The design of the crushing chamber is optimized to eliminate the blind crushing zone, which can realize a... In view of the above comparison, it is recommended here that the gas filled agitator flotation machine, in view of the characteri...

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High frequency screen

Iron ore high frequency screen adopts new principle design, which is a new high efficiency screen equipment. The shaker drives the screen surface through the drive mechanism for high frequency vibration and screen box static. The vibration system is designed to work in the near resonance state, the whole machine is supported by vibration reduction so that the ground does not bear the dynamic load. There is no need to make a foundation for the high frequency screen, and it can work normally by...

Spiral classifier

Iron ore spiral classifier is a new classification equipment which can be used in the ore dressing process of iron ore pulp for efficient and accurate classification. It has the features of simple structure, reliable performance, easy to operate and other advantages. The fineness of the finished product can be easily adjusted by the size of the classifier inclination Angle and the rotating speed of the spiral plates. The machine base adopts channel steel, and the rest of...

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Filter press

Filter press is the most common dewatering equipment in magnetic separation of iron ore. In the flotation process, the pulp water content of iron ore can be up to 70% 80%. During the dewatering process, filter press not only can greatly reduce the humidity of iron ore but also can greatly improve the production efficiency and concentrate purity. Recommended here are the fan filter press, belt filter press, and automatic box filter press. The advantages an...


The concentrator is a device for settling and dehydrating the processed concentrates, which can effectively improve its purity. Concentrator equipped with complete automatic control facilities can realize automatic production, improve the filtration and compression rate of pulp and the material handling capacity. The iron ore thickener adopts deep central feeding, which reduces its settling height and the kinetic energy of solid particles. The rake frame is a structure of connecting rod, whic...


The dryer is the main equipment to dehydrate and dry the purified concentrate. At present, the common iron ore dryer on the market mainly has three kinds: rotary dryer, net belt dryer, vertical dryer. Among which the rotary dryer stands out among many ore dryers for its simple structure, wear resistant material and super working efficiency. The barrel of rotary dryer is welded by steel plate, and the feeding and discharging covers are equipped with sealing plates to prevent heat emission and...

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In the selection of dressing equipment, customers should consider their own materials, product characteristics and the required production capacity firstly for strict selection so that to buy suitable and reasonable equipment. When purchasing iron ore processing equipment, the following points should be paid attention to: Equipment model Before buying iron ore dressing equipment, model selection is a very important factor to be considered. Users need to consider whether the production capacity of this type of machine is within their capital budget, so as to avoid too large a model and lead to the waste of funds. After all, the size of the equipment model is one of the main factors influencing its price. The larger the model, the higher the price of the equipment will be, which will also lead to higher production costs. Therefore, it is recommended that users choose the model that matches the production requirements. Quality standards The quality of the equipment is the main factor a...

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