ball mill screening usually

ball mill screening usually

Ball Mill VS AG Mill: What are the Similarities and Differences?

1. Rotary System

The rotary system of the two mills is basically the same, which is composed of feeding, barrel and discharging departments, and the end cover is cast as a whole.

2. Processing Materials

Both the ball mill and AG mill can process non metal, ferrous metal, non ferrous metal and rare metal, and can be divided into dry and wet types to meet the needs of various materials.

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1. Structure

Although the overall structure of autogenous grinding mill and ball mill are similar, but there are differences in details. 1. There are differences in the ratio of the length and width of the barrel between ball mill and AG mill. The large diameter and short length of the barrel of the AG mill reduce the axial segregation of materials, increase the probability of colliding with each other, and improve the production capacity of AG mill and the selectivity of grinding process.While the diamet...

2. Grinding Media

1. It is well known that ball mills rely on steel balls to complete the grinding operation. 2. While the AG mill does not need steel ball or steel bar for grinding, but only relies on the mineral itself as the medium to realize the self grinding. The AG mill can reduce the steel consumption and thus reduce the iron impurities of the product. In addition, the friction and collision between the materials can also prevent overgrinding.

3. Grinding Particle Size

1. Due to the relatively high operating costs in grinding stage, most plants often use ball mills for grinding operations after fine crushing. The particle size of the ground material is relatively fine, the feeding particle size is usually in the range of 10 20mm, and the product particle size is usually in the range of 0 0.5mm. 2. The feed particle size of the AG mill is generally below 250mm. When the material is more than 75%, the output is high, the energy consumption is low, and the deg...

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The above is the analysis of the similarities and differences between ball mill and AG mill. In the selection of grinding equipment, various considerations should be taken into account. Suitable grinding equipmentshould be selected according to different demands to ensure that the grinding equipment matches the technological process and avoids economic losses. Last: 6 Factors Affecting Hydrocyclone Efficiency Next: Common Problems and Solutions of Slurry Pump

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