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the resulting induced vibration would accelerate the passage of the feed as...

Magnetizing Circuits

Each U shaped magnet core in figure 1 was supplied with two 266 turn coils and two 133 turn coils of No. 10 AWG heavy polythermaleze insulated copper wire. With alternating current excitation, the current and voltage are out of phase so that the kilovolt ampere value is very high even though the actual kilowatt power is low. This difference may be corrected with either series capacitors to reduce the input voltage or parallel capacitors to reduce the input current. Howeve...

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Separation of Wet Feeds

Although it is known that minerals in water suspension may be separated in the constant field matrix type separator at fine sizes, some tests were conducted to investigate if any beneficial effects exist with an intermittent field. One advantage that was found with a minus 325 mesh feed was an increase in the completeness of the discharge of the magnetic fraction with an intermittent field as illustrated in tables 1 2. Both tests had the same average current of 10.5 amperes through the magnet...

Separation of Dry Feeds

Dry magnetic separation at coarse sizes is not a problem because it may be accomplished with a variety of separator types. Difficulty at fine sizes is twofold. First, the feed rate capacity decreases in the separators with moving conveyor surfaces such as the induced roll and cross belt separators in which the attracted magnetic particles would have to move at nominal feed rates through a thick layer of nonmagnetic particles; second, an agglomeration effect is present that increases with decr...

Dry Separation at Finer Sizes

When a minus 325 mesh fraction is tested, a separation sometimes occurs, but in most cases the feed passes through without separation. Response at higher frequencies was investigated with a smaller ¾ inch cross section U shaped magnet core 1 . Separation was performed with a nonmagnetic nonconducting plane surface 3 moved manually across the magnet pole as illustrated by the direction arrow 4. When separation occurred, the nonmagnetic mineral 5 would move with the plane, and the magn...

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Application of alternating and intermittent current to magnetic separation at a relatively high number of ampere turns was made possible by special electronic circuits. Actual power losses are low and include the I²R loss, which is the same that occurs in direct current magnetic separation, and the core loss, which has a magnitude corresponding to the I²R loss. Minerals may be dry separated close to the minus 325 mesh size at 60 hertz frequency and possibly at smaller particle sizes at higher frequency. In the wet separation of minus 325 mesh feeds, intermittent current provides for complete release of the magnetic fraction during the discharge cycle. For matted fibrous and magnetically coagulating feeds, a cross belt separator with an intermittent magnetizing current provides efficient separations.

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