Course Selection and Application

Which course will be best for you? It is up to you that you choose your desired course among popular courses to study abroad. After deciding the desired course, the next question raise which university will be best for you?

Stop doing brainstorming for these questions as the experienced counsellors of IELTS Eduversity have already done for you. They will not only understand your study goals but will also help you to find the best course that will match your passion as well as capability. Our team of experts is backed by a sophisticated knowledge database and network in over 32 countries.

Relatable and approachable

We at IELTS Eduversity understand your Career goals. Our admission experts are well experienced and knowledgeable about the admission process of foreign universities. They understand your wishes about your career.

We communicate in your language

India is a diverse country and IELTS Eduversity believes in it. Our team will communicate in your preferred language so that we can provide our services in the best possible manner.

What do we offer you?

There are plenty of people you will meet who promise you to give best services to get admission in abroad but there is something that makes us different from the bunch. Here are a few things our team would like to talk about when you come to meet us:

  1. Your education
  2. Your work Experience (if needed)
  3. Your career interests
  4. Study Timeline
  5. Decided Budget for the course/country
  6. Career goals
  7. Courses that you will be going for

These questions will help us to shortlist colleges according to your choice. Also, we create your professional profile for admission. From admission application to travel arrangements will be done by us from your behalf at a Minimal cost.

Submitting Your Study Applications

Once your application is completed, the IELTS Eduversity counsellor assigned to you will submit it on your behalf. They will work together with you while you fill in the application and compile the important documents.

You will be invited to meet the education institute representatives who will assess the application and determine your eligibility for the course. It could be a part of your admission interview process.

Admission Response from University

Once the interview process is clear and your application is reviewed, the respective university will get in touch with you. You will receive a response from the institution in a particular time. If you are accepted then you will receive an acceptance letter which will be proof of your admission confirmation place in the course in the University.

Acceptance and payment

If you are accepted by the university without any conditions, then you can accept the offer immediately. Sometimes some conditions might be there like your IELTS Test results, your academic transcripts, certified documents or etc. The fee can be directly deposited to the school or university that has made the offer.