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In providing you free expert advice for education in abroad like international services, providing different courses, various notes, country selection processes. We will help in every moment for selection in abroad universities. We will also provide you different materials which can not be offered in any other services to clear IELTS exams within the term of prepration.

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Top Queries That Bother Applicants

  •  I have a weak profile, a low GPA, low score in GRE/GMAT, low work ex., gap in studies etc. Can I a secure a place at a top B-school?
  •  What are the scholarship opportunities at a top school? Can I get a scholarship?
  •  I have a great GMAT score but I am unsure about my profile? What elements do I need in my profile to make it to a top school?

Application - A Holistic Process

  •  Neither a great GMAT score nor only a great profile ensures admission into a top school.
  •  An applicant is judged on these 4 key competencies – application, GMAT/GRE score, extra-curricular, academics and work experience.
  •  The application carries the maximum weight in the entire selection process.

Top Courses For Indian Students


Management is the most popular field that has been chosen by most of the Indian students to study abroad. It provides an opportunity to work at a good post in any famous MNC. A lot more Possibilities for UG and PG Students are waiting.

Health and Science

A person who has good medical skills and knowledge will be in demand always. Indian Medical Students choose to study MBBS Abroad because the facilities and studying environment they get in foreign universities are truly worth it.

Law and Legal Studies

As the commerce and economy are growing of the companies, they are bounded with international laws. For that, they need a person who can manage all the legal activities of the company. This area of law provides the development of international markets. A vast career opportunity is waiting for you.


A career in engineering is challenging and demanding worldwide. Engineers play an important role to develop a society and the natural world. Engineering is responsible for the technological advancements and its presence can be felt everywhere. This profession can give you a dream future.

Top Universities

Abertay University, Dundee

Aston University

City University London

Coventry University

Kings College London

University Of Westminster, London

Oxford Brookes University

Queen Mary University, London

Queens University Belfast

Swansea University

University Of Bradford

University Of Creative Arts