Study in UK

Study in UK

The United Kingdom has been a popular educational destination for students across the globe. The world-class education system, qualified teachers, a wide range of courses options offered by the top universities in UK for Indian students and growing opportunities available in the United Kingdom are always fascinated Indian Students to study in UK.

Indian students struggle a lot to get a standard education, so they choose to study abroad. Latest technology for practical training, global working opportunity, worldwide valid degrees are top features to study in UK for Indian Students. The United Kingdom is welcoming students from across the world since last 2 or three decades.

Low strength classrooms in top universities in UK offer students to discuss their syllabus in detail with their teachers. UK Colleges Fees is pretty affordable and budget-friendly in the comparison of other developed nations. United Kingdom is made up of four popular countries which are England, North Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Study in UK for Indian Students Highlights

Continent Europe
English proficiency test Required
Degree valid worldwide
The working opportunity during the study Allowed according to study VISA
Scholarship offered Country-level and university level
Eligibility to study in the UK According to respective university and courses
Study visa Mandatory

Why Choose UK for Study?

United kingdom has a long history of Education. A long list of courses offered by the top Universities in UK that you can choose according to your preferences. Not only Indian Students but from across the world apply in the universities of UK. After the USA, UK is the second most famous educational destination for international students. More than 5 lakh students across the the globe, visit UK every year for higher study.

  • One of the leading and demanded educational destination
  • Home of some top universities of the world
  • High-Quality Education will be offered during study in UK
  • Short duration courses
  • The working opportunity during the study
  • More than 50,000 courses from 25 areas
  • Multicultural society
  • Safe for international students
  • Top universities in UK for Indian Students

    United Kingdom is the home of some of the top universities in the world. The oldest and prestigious universities situated in UK attracts students from across the world. Also, the best universities in UK offer a wide range of courses to study from various popular streams like management, engineering, Computer science and etc. However, it is important student should be eligible to get admission in that particular course.

    Degrees offered by the top universities in UK are acceptable worldwide. It opens a door of opportunity to work globally. Here are the top 10 universities in UK, which are praised by most of the countries including developed nations of the world. 

    University of Oxford

    When a student across the world plans to study in UK then University of Oxford is the first choice. It is the most prestigious and oldest university in the UK. however, there is no evidence about when it was founded but teaching activities are going on here since 1096. It is hard to get admission here as it gets applications of talented students. 

    Founded year

    since 1096

    Popular Streams

    Engineering & Management


    1st in United Kingdom

    5th in World

    University of Cambridge

    The University of Cambridge has a deep history of Education. It is counted as one of the most prestigious universities in the world. University of Cambridge is a renowned university for excellence in mathematics and few well-named scientists. For every UG seat, the university gets 5 to 10 applications and the acceptance rate is low. It is compulsory that you fulfill the admission criteria. 

    Founded year


    Popular Streams

    Engineering & Architecture Management


    2nd in United Kingdom

    9th in World

    University College London

    University College London is the 3rd best universities in UK. it is famous for its education in the Engineering, Science, Medicine and Business streams. It was founded in the year 1907 and currently, 17,000+ students from more than 125 countries and 8,000+ staffs are here. Many of the graduates of this college are owners of the most successful startups of the world. 

    Founded year


    Popular Streams

    Engineering, Medicine & Science


    3rd in United Kingdom

    19th in World

    Imperial College London

    Imperial College London was founded in the year 1907. This public university is famous for science and technology-based courses. The main campus of ICL is in the Central Area of London named South Kensington. Currently, more than 15,000 students from across the world are enrolled in four streams available here and all based on a science subject.

    Founded year


    Popular Streams

    Engineering & Management


    4th in United Kingdom

    20th in World

    University of Edinburgh

    University of Edinburgh is situated in Edinburgh (Captial of Scotland). This public university was founded in the year 1583 and has three colleges for arts & humanities, engineering & Science and Medicine. Students who do not belong to Edinburgh will get assured housing. 

    Founded year


    Popular Streams

    Engineering, Science & Management


    5th in United Kingdom

    30th in World

    King’s College London

    King’s College London is considered as one of the best universities in UK for Indian students to study in UK. The ranking of King’s College London is 6th in United Kingdom and offers courses from Arts and humanities, Biotechnology, Engineering and Medical. Keep in mind that the admission eligibility criteria of this university are a bit tough.

    Founded year


    Popular Streams

    Engineering, Medical & Management


    6th in United Kingdom

    34th in World

    University of Manchester

    One of the integral parts of Russell Group of University, the University of Manchester was founded in the 2004 year. It offers various ug and PG courses from biology, medicine and health. More than 40,000 students from various countries are studying here. 

    Founded year


    Popular Streams

    Engineering, Health Science & Management


    7rd in United Kingdom

    64th in World

    University of Bristol

    The University of Bristol was established in 1876 and famous as open research University. It is the first university of UK which accept female students. Students apply here to get enrolled in engineering and health Science. The Eco-friendly campus of the university offers the opportunity to enhance student’s skills and knowledge.

    Founded year


    Popular Streams

    Engineering, Health Science & Management


    8th in 

    86th in World

    University of Glasgow

    Planning study in UK and want to get enrolled in science, engineering, social science, arts then University of Glasgow cloud be a good option for you. It was founded in the year 1451 and one of the famous public universities. More than 30,000 undergraduate students from 140+ countries are enrolled here. 

    Founded year


    Popular Streams

    Engineering, Social Science & Management


    8th in United Kingdom

    86th in World

    University of Birmingham

    University of Birmingham is ranked as one of top 10 universities in UK. It was founded in the year 1900 and till present, many of the students have got their degree in various courses offered by this prestigious public university. Apart from a world-class education, the university offers standard accommodation facilities to the students who want to study here. 

    Founded year


    Popular Streams

    Engineering & Management


    10th in United Kingdom

    92nd in World

    Low-cost Universities in UK

    United Kingdom is a developed country and it is known to all that it is not easy to study in Uk as the fee of top universities in UK is a bit expensive. Around 10,000,00 INR to 20,000,00 INR is the fee for undergraduate courses. Here are the low-cost universities in UK.

    Abertay University

    Abertay University was founded in the year 1888 as Dundee technical Institute, situated in Dundee city. Later on, in the year 1994, the university got approval.

    Founded year 1888
    City Dundee
    Available courses UG and PG
    Number of Campuses 1

    Aston University

    Aston University is a public university that was founded in the year. That was founded in the year 1966. It offers various UG and PG courses from a different field.

    Founded year 1966
    City Birmingham
    Available courses UG and PG
    Number of Campuses 1

    University of London

    One of the oldest research university of UK that is owned by the government. City, University of London was founded in the year 1894. It is famous for its academics excellence across the world.

    Founded year 1894
    City London
    Available courses UG and PG
    Number of Campuses 1

    Coventry University

    A world-class university that is famous for research studies, Coventry University was started in the year 1992. It is one of the best universities in UK according to some university rating agency.

    Founded year 1992
    City Coventry
    Available courses UG and PG
    Number of Campuses 2

    University of Westminster

    The University of Westminster is one of the oldest educational institutions of Britain. It is a public university and it’s main campus of the university-based in central London. It was founded in the year 1838.

    Founded year 1838
    City London
    Available courses UG and PG
    Number of Campuses 4

    Oxford Brookes University

    With an award-winning team of experienced teaching faculty, the Oxford Brookes University is famous in the world for providing world-class education. It is mandatory that you complete the admission requirement to get enrolled here.

    Founded year 1992
    City Oxford
    Available courses UG and PG
    Number of Campuses 4

    Queen Mary University of London

    35% of the total number of students studying currently at Queen Mary University of London are international students. It is one of the prestigious public university situated in London city. It was founded in the year 1887

    Founded year 1887
    City London
    Available courses UG and PG
    Number of Campuses 5

    Queen's University Belfast

    Queen’s University Belfast was founded in the year 1845 that is famous for the variety of UG and PG courses of various interest. The research-driven syllabus of the university attracts students across the world.

    Founded year 1845
    City Belfast
    Available courses UG and PG
    Number of Campuses 1

    Swansea University

    Swansea University is established in the second largest city of Wales. It was founded in the year 1935. PG courses available here is famous more than UG courses.

    Founded year 1935
    City Swansea University
    Available courses UG and PG
    Number of Campuses 2
  • University of Bradford
  • University of Creative Arts
  • University of Leeds
  • Top Courses in UK Universities

    United Kingdom is famous in the world for offering plenty of courses. Either short time c courses or long time courses, students can get a variety of study choices in undergraduate or post graduation studies. Engineering, Management, Medical, Law, Social studies, journalism, computer science, business, Economics, and marketing are c considered as top courses in UK universities.


    Engineering in UK is one of the greatest profession in the world that is, directly and indirectly, involved in the invention of the things we use these days. In the engineering profession boundaries, there are so many works which are needed to be done.

    Eligibility for Engineering Admission in UK

    BTech in UK

    To get Admission in courses offered by the Engineering Universities in UK students have to fulfill the admission eligibility criteria mentioned below.

  • He/she must obtain 85% or above in higher secondary board exam with mathematics as main subjects
  • Good marks in English proficiency exam
    IELTS score - 6.0 to 7.5
    TOEFL score- 90 to 110
    PTE Score- 58 - 69
  • You may have to face an entrance test depending on your university choice
  • Letter of recommendation
  • MTech in UK
  • Students will have to pass the graduation in receptive subject with more than 75% marks from a recognizable university.
  • Good marks in English proficiency exam.
  • Letter of recommendation.
  • MBA in UK

    Most of the students coming outside from the United kingdom get admission in top universities in UK for MBA. the duration of MBA in UK is 12 months to 21 months that can cost you up to 31,450 GBP to 88,000 GBP (32 to 80 lakhs INR ). Top MBA Colleges in UK offer MBA in a variety of specializations in economics, health administration, international business, etc.

    Students are getting up to 99 lakhs INR annual package after completing MBA in UK. To get admission in respected management course have to fulfil the requirements of the university.

    MBA in UK Eligibility

    Top B schools of UK offer MBA Admission only after completing the eligibilities mentioned below. The most important admission requirement that you should have a good score in a relevant bachelor’s degree. With GMAT score and work experience (Not required for some Management Universities).

    Academics: 50% to 60% score in Bachelors from a recognizable university

    GMAT Score: 600+ score is much needed and for top B-schools more than 640+ score

    Work experience: 2 years is minimum working experience required.

    Language proficiency test

  • IELTS- 6.5+
  • TOEFL- 95+
  • Apart from this, you need to create an excellent CV to apply with a well-written essay that will explain your upcoming life goals.

    Best Universities in UK for MBA

  • University of Southampton
  • University of Bristol
  • University of Cambridge
  • The University of Nottingham
  • University of Edinburgh
  • Benefits of doing MBA in UK

  • Top Business schools and universities in the world are in UK
  • Short term MBA Courses
  • Vast career opportunity in UK
  • Highest paid salary after pursuing MBA in UK
  • Law

    Globalization is not a term only but it brings the world at a place. MNCs are now bounded with international laws and local laws. So they need a person who can manage all the things on their behalf. Law study in UK is beneficial as there are various law schools in the UK are top-ranked in the world.

    MS in Computer Science

    The core skills will be developed during pursuing computer science degree in UK by the professors, will secure your bright future. Technology, tools and new updates will be taught you under the guidance of qualified teachers. Computer hardware and software, internet framework is the top demanded fields of the 21st century.

    Top universities in UK for MS in computer science

  • University of Cambridge
  • University of Oxford
  • Imperial College, London
  • Economics

    London is the most famous educational destination for Economics. Apart from good studying conditions, students will have great opportunity to work as there are few largest banks and top companies of the world operate from the UK. To study Economics in UK students have to complete the admission requirements of the respective university.


    Great skills of Marketing is much required nowadays to stand in the market. Various universities of marketing courses in UK at affordable fees. Completing the Marketing course from top Universities in the UK will open job opportunities possibilities.


    If your dream is to become a successful doctor or planning to build your career in Medicine field and you have good grades then pursue graduation or masters medical course in UK. After completing your degree students can work across the world as the degree will be valid globally.

    In India, there is no need to appear any screening test by the Medical Council of India to get practise license.

    MSc in Data Science

    The future of Data Science is vast. Students who are planning study in UK then MSc in Data Science could be one of the demanding courses, keeping heavy demand in future.

    MSc in Business analytics

    UK has 14 top institutions in the world who offer world-class studying atmosphere for MSc in Business Analytics. The flow of data is increasing day by day and the need for a qualified person will be in demand in the upcoming time. Imperial College London is considered as the best college in UK for MSc in Business Analytics.

    Apart fromabove-mentioned courses here are some other popular study programmes offered by the universities in UK

  • Data Analytics
  • Masters Business Management
  • Master in Digital Marketing
  • Exams to Study in UK

    Required marks are not enough to get admission in top Universities in UK, you have to score well in few important exams. An English proficiency exam is one of the important exams that are mandatory for students non-English speaking country.

  • GMAT- Graduate Management Admission Test
  • IELTS - International English Language Testing System
  • TOEFL - Test of English as a Foreign Language
  • How to Get Admission in UK Universities for Indian Students

  • Admission in UK universities will be invited through a normal admission process mentioned below in step by step format.
  • Choose the course according to your preference
  • Select university of your choice depending upon your budget
  • Fulfill the eligibility criteria of that course offered by the respective university
  • Apply for admission with mandatory documents
  • After that, you may need to appear in an interview conducted by the university
  • Once you got an admission letter from the university, you can proceed to arrange study VISA of UK.
  • After VISA stamped on your passport, you can fly to study in UK.
  • Study in UK Advantages

    Most of the universities are public universities

  • variety of Study programs will be offered to you to choose from.
  • Affordable fee structure.
  • All kind of amenities will be offered on the university campus
  • Good rate of Study VISA of UK acceptance
  • Standard accommodation facilities for international students
  • Internationally working opportunity
  • Globally approved medical University
  • Cost of Study in United kingdom

    Students applying to study in UK must be worried about the fees. Usually, they search for the cost of study in UK. Apart from tuition fees, accommodation expenses, food expenses, medical, and other mandatory fees will be managed by the students itself.

    To study engineering in UK, students need to pay around 17 lakh INR to 40 Lakh INR yearly, can vary for different universities. This fees is only tuition fees excluding accommodation and other expenses. While MBA in UK cost is up to 40 to 50 lakhs INR for the whole course. In the comparison of other cities, London is a bit expensive to study.accommodation and other expenses. While MBA in UK cost is up to 40 to 50 lakhs INR for the whole course. In the comparison of other cities, London is a bit expensive to study.

    Medical Stream courses offered by the Medical Colleges in UK are demanding in the world. MBBS fee is between 30 lakh to 40 lakh INR yearly including hostel fee and mess fee. Above mentioned cost of MBBS in UK for Indian students may differ depending upon the college. Similarly, Medical PG in fees in UK is around 10 lakh to 15 lakh INR.

    Accommodation in UK for Students

    United Kindom is famous for its standard lifestyle. The four regions of the UK, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are secured much for international students. They can either stay in the university hostel at an affordable fee or they can rent an apartment. Accommodation Cost in UK is between 16,000 TO 18,000 INR per week that includes food and other amenities expenses.

    Public transport is affordable of this country. Subways, Trains, Airports, Cycle paths are well structured and accessible to each type of people. Students will get a discount on public transport.

    Work while study

    Students are allowed to work during study in UK. There study VISA allow them to work 20 hrs per week. Students can work full day during holidays at university. This study VISA will be issued to only those students who are enrolled in any course for more than 6 months.

    Scholarship to Study in UK

    It is natural that students start their planning for abroad study long ago, also studying in UK could be affordable in comparison of other developed nations. There are various scholarship to study in UK for Indian students offered by the local government or private institutions. The eligibilities are needed to be proved by the applicant for the respective scholarships mentioned below.

  • Chevening Scholarship
  • Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship
  • GREAT Scholarships
  • Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships (CWIT)
  • Scotland Saltire Scholarships
  • Study VISA of United kingdom

    There is a simple process that you need to follow to get study VISA of UK. Usually, students will get the VISA easily without any rejection if they present relevant documents and fees within the given deadline. Study VISA will allow you to work 20hrs/week during study.

    UK Student VISA Requirements

  • VISA Form
  • Passport Copy
  • Bank statement of parents
  • Medical report with the signature of an authorized doctor
  • Address proof After all this, students will be called for an interview by the embassy, if they selected for study VISA
  • Top Universities

    Abertay University

    Aston University

    City, University of London

    Coventry University

    King's College London

    Oxford Brookes University

    Queen Mary University of London

    Queen's University Belfast

    Swansea University

    University of Bradford

    University of Creative Arts

    University of Dundee

    University of Leeds

    University of Sussex

    University of Westminster

    Why To Choose Study In The UK?

    Yes!!! You can apply for it after 10 (Matriculation ) + 2 (Higher secondary) + 3 (Graduation). It is acceptable by the universities in UK..
    IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, Duolingo are the top English proficiency tests are required to be qualified by the students with good score band.