Why Study Abroad?

Why study abroad? What are the popular educational destination for Indian students and there are plenty of other questions that arise in the mind of an Indian Student before choosing abroad studies. Indians are in second place to migrate in other countries for higher studies after the Chinese students. They choose to study abroad and pursue higher studies in top universities in the world.

Apart from getting a world-class education, under the guidance of experienced teachers of the globe with standard infrastructure, there are various answers that why study abroad? Here, you will get complete information about which country is best for Indian Students to study abroad?

Indian Students struggle a lot to get quality study in the Indian Schools, colleges or universities. On the other hand, getting admission in foreign universities open a door of opportunities. Even, companies situated in India prefer a degree of foreign universities.

Top Reasons to Choose Study Abroad

  1. World-class universities- There is a long list of top universities in the world like MIT, Harvard, Cambridge, Oxford and etc. These universities have mostly developed universities and the education system of here is praised across the world. Students from across the world prepare a lot to get admission in any course offered by this. Apart from this, there are various educational institution options.
  2. A long list of Study programme options- There are many courses to study In countries like USA, UK, New Zealand, Australia and etc. Germany is considered as the hub of engineers and doctors. UK is popular for management courses and etc. all the courses of your interest will be available. It will open a door of career opportunities.

    Indian Students mainly focus on STEM (SCIENCE, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) study programmes.

    Top 10 courses to study abroad Indian Students

    1. Engineering
    2. Medical
    3. Management
    4. Hospitality and tourism
    5. Computer Science
    6. Data management
    7. Information Technology
    8. Law
    9. Media and Journalism
    10. Fashion Designing
  1. Easy Admission process- This reason is one of the top reasons to study abroad as Indian students struggle and face a tough competition to get into top universities or institutions like IITs, IIMs or AIIMS for admission. Every year millions of student appear in the competitive exams like JEE, NEET exams.
    On the other hand, the admission process in foreign universities is pretty easy. Once you have completed the admission eligibility criteria students can get admission in the preferable course.
  1. Fee Affordability- Countries like Germany, Finland and etc have a world-class education system but the fee affordability of these countries is much less than any other developed country. Students who want to study abroad think at least once as the system of the fee is Low or No fee.
  2. Accommodation charges are not expensive at all. As some universities offer standard and furnished rooms at a budget-friendly fee. Also, if a student is good in academics or any other activity then some universities offer a scholarship to that student. This scholarship could be Fee Waiver or financial aid.

  1. More chances to enhance your skill- The teaching faculty of the universities are knowledgeable and totally dedicated to enhancing student’s skills and knowledge. Skilled people have more chances to be successful. Also, the companies prefer those candidates who are graduated from reputed universities in job oriented courses.
  1. Easy residency- Once you have graduated from a university and now want to do the job in that particular country but it is quite natural that you can not work on study VISA so the easy way to get the license to work in any country is to get admission in a reputed university of your desired country. However, few countries allow students to stay in their country and work for the next two years after completing graduation.

Top 10 Countries to Study Abroad for Indian Students

  1. USA
  2. Russia
  3. Australia
  4. Ukraine
  5. New Zealand
  6. Ireland
  7. Germany
  8. United Kingdom
  9. Canada
  10. China